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Marhaba To Thousand Nights


In the depths of the tranquil desert there lies the reassuring songs of the sand dunes. We invite you to listen to the melancholic melodies of these desert winds to discover the secrets behind the shimmering dunes. 

Mystical Sunset: Watch the mystical journey of the golden sands against the setting sun, prepared with a table of delicacies of food and drinks

Star Gazing: Allow your senses to dive into the dreamy night and enjoy a close look at the bright stars in the camp sky. 

Arabian Oryx & Gazelle: Watch the Arabian Oryx and the charming eyes of the deer in harmony with their motherland. 

Private Dinner: Indulge in the mesmerising beauty of the desert in personalized and private dinners for romantic couples.

Library: Go on a journey of a different kind. Our library provides you with a quiet place to read and relax. We welcome you to visit and to indulge in this quiet haven of discovery where you can find information about Oman, the Desert and other topics. Our collection includes books guests have left behind for your leisure in both Arabic and English, and we invite you to leave books behind for others to enjoy. Come and relax and set our mind alight with the spirit of leisure, learning and discovery at our library. 


The Thousand Nights Camp offers you a variety of adventures and desert experiences from the exploration of its scenic terrains, enjoying adventurous sporting activities, to the breathtakingly peaceful moments one can only experience in this haven. Come and gaze into the deep eyes of the gazelles, or find answers as you gaze deep into the starry nights of the desert. We invite you to enjoy the many experiences that we can offer you within the unmatched harmony of these unique surroundings.

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