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Marhaba To Thousand Nights


For the Arab Bedouin, there is a strong connection to the heart of the desert. Let your spirits be lifted on nights seduced by the smell of coffee, and travel on a journey igniting in the senses all what was once lost. 

At Thousand Night Camp we present to you an authentic experience inspired by a nomadic Bedouin heritage. 

Beduin Nights: Enjoy the most beautiful tunes and melodies beneath moonlit nights accompanied by the Bedouins, 

Henna: Decorate your hands with delicate henna inscriptions drawn by the Bedouin women. 

Shua Meat: Experience the mouthwatering ‘Shua’; roast lamb cooked underground in the traditional Omani way. Take part in preparing it or simply eat it!

Beduin Coffee: Experience preparing and drinking Arabic coffee with the Bedouins over warm conversations.

Fire at Night: Sit around the fire during cold evenings. Forget yourself in endless ancient stories 


The Thousand Nights Camp offers you a variety of adventures and desert experiences from the exploration of its scenic terrains, enjoying adventurous sporting activities, to the breathtakingly peaceful moments one can only experience in this haven. Come and gaze into the deep eyes of the gazelles, or find answers as you gaze deep into the starry nights of the desert. We invite you to enjoy the many experiences that we can offer you within the unmatched harmony of these unique surroundings.

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