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Marhaba To Thousand Nights


Dance between the soft dunes with a Bedouin heart, sweeping the vast landscape, embracing the music in the wind in a unique experience that reveals the mysteries of the desert. Awaken your spirit of adventure and live the explorer's dream with:

A walking tour of the desert: where the senses are burning with each step of sand 

Riding Beauty: Ride the waves of the desert skating across the sand driving a bike in an adventure filled with excitement and suspense.

Archery:  in the silent space of the desert

4WD Adventure: The skilled Bedouin accompanied the adventure of driving the car through the sand


The Thousand Nights Camp offers you a variety of adventures and desert experiences from the exploration of its scenic terrains, enjoying adventurous sporting activities, to the breathtakingly peaceful moments one can only experience in this haven. Come and gaze into the deep eyes of the gazelles, or find answers as you gaze deep into the starry nights of the desert. We invite you to enjoy the many experiences that we can offer you within the unmatched harmony of these unique surroundings.

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